Friday, June 24, 2016

Tinder Experiment 1. Subject Ian, 40

I decided to do an experiment. Men do it all the time. Cast the net WIDE. I closed my eyes and swiped right to every single profile.
Boom the matches popped up one after another.
So now it was time to see what happens next. Could any of them actually have potential? Who would message me first?
Subject #1: Joe, 38. I decided to tell him that I do not have sex on the first date. He agreed it would be strange to have sex on the first date. Then promptly deleted me. Okay whatever.
Subject #2: Ian, 40. How come he's 11,000 kms away now? We get to chatting. This goes on for days and days.
Turns out he was in town on a layover then back home to The British Virgin Islands where his family owns a resort!! Invite graciously accepted and my single girlfriends are welcome too.
I excitedly tell my friends to pack their bags. Ian is not exactly my type, he's a little heavy but in a cute teddy bear sort of way. One of my friends says "you know you have to take one for the team, right?"
No!! He's a nice man. He won't expect anything...will he??
The daily chats get a little desperate, a little too much. He finally sends me a current photo.
His profile said he was 40. By the looks of it, I am not sure if 40 was 10 years ago or older! Let's just say he looked like Santa on holiday 😔
It took me 10 minutes of 'take care, okay bye, thanks, you too, best of luck, bye" to get rid of him on whatsapp. I didn't plan on blocking him. But his last message to me was "I will miss you". BLOCK

#DearTinderDiary it took me a while to shake the thought of taking one for the team with Bahama Santa. Blegh. No more experiments!


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